Greece is an amazing place and always will be a very remarkable place to visit. The origin of the whole
western culture thing comes from the beautiful cities in Greece. There are many iconic cities to visit in
Greece, beautiful architecture, incredible cuisine, and a lot more islands where you will have the best
holiday experience. Greece is considered the best destination to travel to in Europe. Historic sites, mild
weather with beautiful views, and delicious food are waiting for you to welcome with love. Though
there are uncountable places to explore in the country but to make it easy here mentioned some
famous places in Greece which will surely add shining stars to your New Year experiences in the country.
Good food and weather are the primary recipes for a good vacation which a country like Greece can
satisfy anytime. The beautiful southeastern European country has thousands of islands throughout the
Aegean and Ionian seas.

Places not to miss in Greece-

  •   Athens- Athens, the capital city of Greece is the hub where ancient and modern, nature and
    civilization, tradition and trends all come together. There you will see drenched cafes and
    restaurants on traffic-filled roads everywhere. Mesmerizing architectural designed buildings and
    cutting-edge galleries are thriving. The most thrilling experience will be the outdoor cinema
    under the starry night sky coming from the plainest entranceways. At a moment you will turn
    one way and the chances are that twinkling Parthenon's staring right back at you. Athens is the
    heart of Greece and the cradle of western civilization where you must go at least once in your
  • Crete- this comes as one of the famous places in Greece known for being the biggest island in
    Greece. If you are looking for golden beaches, crumbly old towns, world-class museums, and
    heritage sites then Crete is the best option to spend your holidays at. The liveliest part of the
    island is Chania in the west whereas Sitia the part known for its pristine coves is located in the
    east. There you will get to see countless waterparks which remain in the heart of children
  • Santorini- Santorini is known as one of the Cyclades Island in the Aegean Sea. Believed that it is
    crafted by the Greek gods. This is the island with a mesmerizing view of the coastline. Nowhere
    in the world, there are beautiful beaches in black and red color. Every year there are a surprising
    number of travelers and explorers come here to explore the culture and especially the best
    archeological sites in the entire of Greece. As compared to the photographs on this site, the
    actual beauty is much more than that. Witnessing the Santorini in front of you will be worth
    visiting Greece and also the worth of a Greece tourist visa.
  • Knossos- if you like to witness the history of Greece then Knossos is the dream place to visit.
    This city is so well-kept that it seems like you are walking through history. Get your Greece
    Schengen visa to explore the historical beauty of the country and to know about Greek
    mythology as Knossos is known for the famous hall of kings where the legendary stories take
    place. These come as the most famous places in Greece.
  • Corfu- Corfu is the most beautiful island with mountains as the interior and beaches around the
    coast. It is a great place to experience French, Italian, and Greek cuisine. Corfu is known for its
    beautiful beaches attracting small towns. It is an amazing place to visit by any traveler. Also, the
    southern town of Kavos is known for the best nightlife where you can meet new people and
    make friends with strangers. Whereas Acharavi in the north is surrounded by kid-friendly
    beaches with the bluest water you have ever seen. This comes as the most famous place in
    Greece which is the best option for family and friends vacation.
    Sifnos- if you are looking for a relaxing vacation then the islands of Sifnos are the best to spend
    quality time. It is most popular for family and couples gatherings. The famous chef Nicholas
    Tselementes the love for this island where all foodies are welcomed and greeted with
    mouthwatering cuisine. Any time is the best time to visit Greece.

Greece has several such places which come under the top list of tourist attractions. You can choose a
destination according to your vacation time. Greece will never disappoint you whether you are traveling
solo, with your family, or with the love of your life.

  • For history lovers- Athens, Mycenea, and Knossos are the places that will take you back to
    ancient History. These places are still particular with the history and beauty of old Greek. Get
    your Greece tourist visa and explore the beauty of Greece.
  • For Social travelers- Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete are the best destination to explore if you are
    looking to make a solo trip to Greece. This is the perfect spot for party lovers, to meet new
    people and make memories.
  • For lowkey couples- Amorgos, Karpathos, and Skopelos are famous places in Greece for
    couples. The beauty of these islands will automatically romanticize your moments with your
    Apply now for the Greece Schengen visa, every time is the best time to visit Greece, especially for
    holidays. Now you don & 39t need to worry about the long processing time of the visa. Apply for your Greece
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