Hungary Visa

Hungary is the country that everyone should visit at least once. It has numerous friendly local destinations, stunning buildings and various cultural landmarks. Book your Hungary visa appointments online and wait for 15 calendar days for the verified Hungary visa UK.


General Document requirements:

  • One Online Hungary Visa application form duly filled and completed.
  • Valid Passport and UK residence Permit. Passport should have at least 2 blank pages and should be valid for at least 3 months beyond the period of stay in Schengen area..
  • 2 photographs should be attached to the application form (Passport format). Photograph should be recent and should show your complete face; it should be taken on a light background.
  • Proof of accommodation like confirmed hotel bookings containing the entire details of stay in Hungary .
  • Travel Medical Insurance with minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 for Hungary and other Schengen countries.
  • Proof of transportation (Flight tickets/Train Tickets/Driving License/Vehicle Registration Number)
  • Copy of Return-ticket reservation
  • Travel Itinerary and Cover Letter stating your purpose of visit to Schengen country ( In case, it is a family visit, accompany a letter from host or sponsor, host’s passport copies and other necessary details with application -if applicable)
  • Proof of Income/Sufficient Personal Means of Subsistence. As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Hungary , a foreign national is required to attest the amounts as stated for means of subsistence while applying for Hungary Visa Appointment in Embassy/Consulate:
  • For a stay up to the period of 5 days: Overall amount → 269.60 €/person and 212.81 €/ two or more persons.
  • For a stay up to the period of 6-10 days: Daily amount → 44.93€ /person and 26.33 €/two or more persons.
  • For a stay up to the period of 11-20 days: Overall amount → 51.64 €/person and 25.82 €/two or more persons along with daily amount → 36.67 €/person and 22.21 €/two or more persons.
  • For a stay over 20 days: Overall amount → 206.58€ / person and 118.79€/two or more persons along with daily amount → 27.89€ /person and 17.04€t wo or more persons.


Apart from general documents, following are the specific documents which vary and are required as per the employment status or purpose of visit:

  • Employed: Letter from Organization or Employer confirming the employment+ Current Bank Statement (Last 6 Months from application) + Leave permission from employer + Bank Statement(Last 6 months from application) or Certificate of tax deduction from salary.
  • Self Employed: Copy of Business License+ Bank Statement of Company (Last 6 Months from application) + Letter of Invitation (From concerned authority in case of Business Conference) +Documents confirming status of your employment in business.
  • Student:Letter of Enrollment and NOC (From University) + Student card or certificates (Of the course undertaken)
  • Retired Individuals: Pension statement (Last 6 months from application)
  • Business Purpose:Invitation letter(From the company in Hungary which you will visit along with the address and date of visit) + Certificate from the employer (affirming your business travel) + Business Bank Statement (Last 6 months from application) + MOA & AOA in original certified copy/Trade License/ Partnership or Proprietorship documents + Letter of Invitation (Must state the coverage of expenses for stay in Hungary either by employer or Company in Hungary )
  • Medical Purpose:Medical attestation from the hospital or doctor in Hungary ( Stating the medical situation and your date of appointment) + Receipt of medical fees + Local Medical report
  • Film crew/Cultural/Sports/Religious Purpose:Invitation letter from the concerned authority (Providing details regarding the event, expense coverage etc.) + Name of the crew members + Duration of stay along with a travel itinerary+ Entry tickets of the Event
  • Members of Official Delegations: Purpose of journey to Hungary + Duration of stay and place of accommodation + Official Invitation along with identity Proof
  • Training/Research/Studies/Internship Purpose:Enrollment Certificate + Certificate for the courses attended or completed + Financial Sustenance
  • Spouse of an Hungary citizen: Proof of Hungary Citizenship of Spouse + Original Marriage Certificate (Hungary ).
  • Transit Visa Entry Permit in transit country+ Valid Visa for destination country.
  • Minor:Proof of Parent’s Income (Income or Bank Statements) + Hungary Visa Application to be accompanied with authorization by parents or legal guardian.

For any enquiry regarding our services or any doubts regarding the documents for your Hungary Schengen Visa in UK, kindly get into touch with our team. You can call us on 02084323472 

Normally, Visa for Hungary takes 7 days to get approved; however according to the below given list, it will take nearly 2 weeks time. Hence, it is recommended that you apply for Hungary Tourist Visa 4 weeks prior to your travel date.

The Hungary Visa fees and the countries whose nationalities’ take up to 16 days to process their Hungary Schengen Visa are listed below:

Visa Type Consulate VISA FEE (IN GBP) Center Fee in GBP Our Handling Charges In GBP Total Online Payable
(Fee + Our Charges)
Family & Friends/Business
£68 £25 £207 £232
Family member of EEA/EU citizen £68 £25 £207 £232
Long stay Single/Multiple Entry £77 £25 £207 £232
Children between 6 and 12 years old £34 £25 £207 £232
Children less than 6 years old £0 £25 £207 £232


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