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Steps to Apply for a Schengen Visa with Us.

Get Professional Assistance for Schengen Visa Appointment from UK

To apply for Schengen visa from UK and immerse in its rich culture and iconic landmarks you must first book a visa appointment as the walk-ins are not allowed. During your appointment the visa officer will review your documentation to ensure accuracy. Be prepared to answer any queries related to your travel plans and purpose of your visit. This process will ensure that your journey to Schengen region proceeds smoothly and with regulatory compliance.

So you will need professional assistance to prepare your documents and secure appointment for successful visa application. We provide complete guidance to obtain Schengen Visa and manage the entire appointment process from beginning to end for a little service charge.

Once you complete your Schengen visa application our experts at Schengen ravel info will cross check the application for accuracy and remove errors if any. We promise to deliver the high quality services to prevent any delays in processing of your visa application allowing you to enjoy your vacation as scheduled.

How to Book Online Schengen Visa Appointment with smooth visa application Process?

If you plan to take a vacation to any Schengen country soon, you should definitely start preparing early. Getting the travel documents you need, such as your Schengen visa online appointment is essential to guaranteeing a worry-free and amazing vacation. The following is our easy-to-use and convenient appointment process:

  1. Visit our website and fill the online visa form with all your details and complete the online payment to proceed further with reserving your express appointment slot at the visa centre.
  2. To book your express visa appointment visit our website, provide your availability and make the online payment.
  3. We will book your fast-track visa appointment and also check your required documents.
  4. Visit the visa centre with all the required documents and submit your biometric information like fingerprints and digital photo.
  5. Pay the visa fees using your card at the time of appointment for further visa processing and you will get your passport & visa in 7-8 working days.

Anyone living in UK with a current residency permit is eligible to use our Schengen visa services to apply for a visa for any Schengen nation.

Schengen Visa Types


Schengen Tourist Visa

Short term Schengen travel visa is usually valid for 90 days in 180 day period.


Schengen Business Visa

Given to the people who wish to travel to Schengen region for business purposes.


Long Stay National Visa

Valid for visits to Schengen area for more than a year. British nationals usually require this visa as for up to three months they do not need any visa. But to stay for more than that they must apply for long-stay visa.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to apply for urgent Schengen visa appointment with us, your entire application process is in safe hands. If you need help while having fun in any European country, which offers a plethora of excursions and activities in addition to magnificent views, our team is available around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to avail our services:

Privacy and Security: We protect your personal and financial data by using secure payment methods. Furthermore, we respect your privacy and never give your information to outside parties.

Round the Clock Support: Our team of experts and friendly customer service representatives are here to help you 24×7, if you have any queries or issues regarding your Schengen visa online application.

Flight and Hotel Arrangements: For visa purposes, we can also assist you in arranging accommodation and flight itineraries at an additional nominal cost. You are not required to pay the full amount. We take care of cancellations later at no further expense to you.

Document Verification: Before your appointment, our executive will review all your documents to make sure there are no mistakes or missing ones that could prevent you from obtaining a Schengen visa from UK if necessary.

Travel health Insurance: With us obtaining travel medical insurance is quick and easy. For each Schengen country visa, we quickly provide travel medical insurance with a €30,000 policy coverage.

Simply let us know your appointment preferences and we will use our knowledge and resources to assist you get the Schengen visa appointment at the time that is most convenient for you.

You can contact us via phone, email or WhatsApp at any time for assistance. Start your Schengen visa application now and get set to discover this vast zone that is undoubtedly gaining worldwide fame and popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. This is the simple Schengen visa application process that we follow to help you get one quickly:

  • Fill the Schengen visa application form and complete the online payment for further processing.
  • We will book your express appointment with dedicated visa centre.
  • Visit the visa centre with all your documents, submit your biometrics and pay the visa fees.
  • Receive your visa and passport once approved. Usually visa is given in 7-8 working days.

A. The duration of the Schengen visa application procedure differs based on your nationality and the kind of visa you are requesting such as a long-stay or short-stay Schengen visa. Short-stay visas typically take 7-8 working days to process while long-stay visas takes 8-15 working days.

A. Validity is dependent on a number of criteria such as whether this is your first application or if you have previously applied for and been granted several Schengen visas. Generally, visa is given for three months to two years or more. However, the longest stay permitted in a single visit is 90 days.

A. You are able to travel to all 27 Schengen countries if you have a Schengen visa. You can enter the following Schengen nations with just one visa:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

You can connect us anytime via calls or emails, regarding any visa query. 24*7 our professionalized team is there to assist you. We will assist you while filling up the online application form if any difficulty is there. Also our team will share the checklist for required set of documents do that you can prepare accordingly.

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